Mountain Guide Andrea Concini

Guided Ski Mountaineering excursions, Rock and Ice climbing, Via ferrata, Normal Routes and much more

Enjoying fantastic views. Experiencing the satisfaction of the climb in order to enjoy the delight of the descent. Sking on slopes of perfect snow in breathtaking places. This and much more makes me wake up early, put the climbing skins under the skis and makes me leave for beautiful adventures in a snowy environment. According to me ski mountaineering is and will always be the most fun way to experience the mountains.

Well, first to retread the routes taken by the greatest dolomitic mountaineers (Grohmann, Ball, Detassis, Preuss, Comici, Dibona, Graffer, Piaz and many others). Second, to empathize with them and rethink all the courage and passion that drove them to face climbs and difficulties considered impossible. Last but not least, using the words of Lionel Terray, to conquer that useless, that actually is not useless at all (Conquistadors of the useless). A climbing route in the Dolomites contains the most beautiful things there can be for a fan of these walls.

Climbing the great mountains climbed for the first time by the pioneers of mountaineering, since 8th August 1786 – the day of the first ascent of Mont Blanc and the birth of mountaineering – mankind has never stopped wanting to explore and climb mountains and the 1800s represented a century of conquests for the great peaks of the Alps.

During our climbs, I will instill to you the knowledge I have acquired over years of mountain experience, multipitch techniques and safety knowledge. I will also teach you how to choose the right track, how to do rope maneuvers and all the knowledge needed to better manage our day in the mountains.

Lines that creep into the weak points of the wall in search of the best route. Vertical ladders, suspension bridges and breathtaking crossings will give the right touch of adrenaline to an adventure in contact with the mountain and its rocks.

I was born at the foot of the Adamello-Brenta Park, the Stelvio Park and the Maddalene Group. Therefore I began to frequent these mountains at an early age. These mountains are my natural gym, where I can find peace and serenity. I will be happy to take you on excursions to alpine lakes (Tovel, Corvo, Careser), waterfalls (Saent, Vallesinella), hiking peaks (Peller, Pin, Olmi) where we will be accompanied by chamois, deer, marmots, eagles and Alpine ibex.

Sharing unforgettable experiences

Being with people, imparting my passion for what I do has always been very important to me.

Outings organized off-piste, fresh snow and fun guaranteed

Days of powder and fun in the best ski areas of Trentino, Dolomiti di Brenta ski area