Mountain Guide Andrea Concini

Via Ferrata, guided excursions in unique and suggestive landscapes

Via Ferrata in the Dolomites, Garda Lake and Val d’Adige

Lines that creep into the weak points of the wall in search of the best route. Vertical ladders, suspension bridges and breathtaking crossings will give the right touch of adrenaline to an adventure in contact with the mountain and its rocks.

Paths rich in history and charm, from the vertical ferratas of the Val del Sarca and Val d’Adige, to the tragic and yet magnificent Path of Flowers in Adamello, to the wonderful and famous Via delle Bocchette in the Brenta Dolomites. From the one-day trips to multi-day ferratas (which will allow you to experience a truly 360-degree experience), Trentino will offer you what you are looking for.

The experience of a dinner or lunch at the rifugio

The rifugio (that is a mountain shelter, refuge) represents a symbol, a reference point, a landmark. For some people it is a starting point, while for others it is the arrival. In any case, in order to conclude a day in the mountains there is nothing better than a dish of minestrone or pasta in a rifugio. We may enjoy a good beer while admiring the surrounding landscape, experience a welcoming atmosphere made up of simple people who love what they do.

The mountain is also this, not just landscapes, rocks, paths. The mountain is above all people.


Helmet, harness, via ferrata kit and suitable shoes should never be missed. The guide will also carry rope and mountaineering equipment needed to better manage the safety of the group. The missing equipment will be provided by the mountain guide.

Licence and security

During the ascent, safety will always be in first place. Step by step I will advise you in order to improve the ability to manage the various situations that we will encounter during the journey. The rope will be a companion that will allow us to overcome the most difficult moments. Tied to a guide you will be tied to a friend.