Mountain Guide Andrea Concini

Normal routes of the Dolomites

Why choose a normal route?

Well, first to retread the routes taken by the greatest dolomitic mountaineers (Grohmann, Ball, Detassis, Preuss, Comici, Dibona, Graffer, Piaz and many others). Second, to empathize with them and rethink all the courage and passion that drove them to face climbs and difficulties considered impossible. Last but not least, using the words of Lionel Terray, to conquer that useless, that actually is not useless at all (Conquistadors of the useless). A climbing route in the Dolomites contains the most beautiful things there can be for a fan of these walls.

Climbing up a campanile (literally, a “bell tower”: it’s a common name given to the peculiar rocky structures typical of these mountains) after having admired it from a path, from a via ferrata, after having dreamt it for a long time. Together we will try to make this dream come true, we will immerse ourselves in the history of these walls in order to live an unforgettable day.

Best periods of the year

From Spring to Autumn, the Dolomites can offer itineraries of all types and with all Sun exposures.

There are also different types of approaches to the routes: some climbs are reached with comfortable paths a few minutes from the car. Others require to overcome screes, snow gullies or via ferrata. Moreover, some require an overnight stay in the mountain refuge, too. Together we will look for the best option depending on your abilities and expectations.

Safety and equipment

The Dolomites offer a wide variety of routes, from those suitable for beginners to those for the more experienced ones. The necessary equipment will be provided by the organization. It will be enough for you to bring a backpack, suitable shoes, mountain clothing and a great desire to get involved.

So whether you are at the first experience or you are looking for something more challenging, do not hesitate to contact me. I will certainly have the right proposal for you!

Climbing routes between the Alps and the Dolomites

Live the mountains from another perspective

One day routes

Pure fun for a day of full immersion in the Dolomites, car-to-car itineraries in order to be able to return to our loved ones in the evening. Various proposals to meet all needs. The Dolomites offer endless possibilities. Let’s discover them together!

How do we get ready?

Depending on the climbing area, we will choose the meeting place. From there, with the help of the mountain guide, we will move to the starting point of the mountain excursion. We will check our equipment, we’ll have a start-of-the-day briefing and, as we walk, we will get to the beginning of our climb. We’ll put on harness and helmet, we will tie ourselves and start climbing. The top will be our goal, but safety will always be the priority.

“Come back safe and sound, come back friends, get to the top: in this precise order.” This is a sentences that Bruno Detassis used to say. He was the guardian of the Brenta and progenitor of the Trentino guides.

Multi-day routes

Given the distance from the valley, some routes require an overnight stay in a refuge the night before the climb. This experience gives an extra touch to the climb. Spending an evening with other climbers and mountain people, enojying a good beer, a card game and a chat with friends.

Enjoy incredible sunrises and sunsets, nights with skies of a million stars, the crisp air of the morning. The experience will be truly 360 °, and the summit will be the icing on the cake of a worth telling experience.