Andrea Concini, Mountain Guide registered in the Trentino Mountain Guides register

Far more than a job

Sharing unforgettable experiences, being with people, imparting my passion for what I do has always been very important to me.

After some work experiences as a craftsman I realized that being outdoor, in the mountains, was my life. Being in contact with people, adults and children does really give me a lot of satisfaction and makes me think that I’m not actually working, but I’m simply living a dream – my dream.

Mountain Guide as a life style

For the past 10 years I have been living the mountain at 360° in Italy and abroad. Rock, ice and snow keep me company during my days in the mountains.

Since I was born in the Brenta Dolomites, these mountains have a special place in my heart, whether it is on the vertical rock walls in Summer, or in the deep gullies in Winter. Spending time among these walls, makes me be at peace with myself once again.

Certifications and licences

  • Mountain Guide registered in the Trentino Mountain Guides register
  • Park Guide
  • Canyoning Guide
  • MTB guide
  • FiSky Track director

Why choose a Mountain Guide?

Spending a day with a mountain guide means experiencing a totalizing adventure, in contact with nature, spending time with a person who wants to instill knowledge, passion, but also safety and serenity.

The mountain guide wants to take care of those he is accompanying in the best possible way. He tries to fulfill the customer’s dream (which will be also his, for one day). He does this in top safety, knowing the territory and its dangers.

Experiences abroad

Traveling has always fascinated me. Getting to know new places and meeting new people inspires me to have new adventures, constantly improving myself and keeping me updated on what’s going on in the world.

My experiences abroad started with a trip to one of the most enchanting countries in South America, Chile. There, I found myself in a new place. I was alone. I didn’t know the language, but the goodness and kindness of the people who accompanied me along the 25 days I spent in those fantastic places made me realize that traveling was an integral part of my life. Other places I visited are Bolivia, where I could breathe the thin air of 6000 meters. Canada, where I climbed the most incredible ice falls I’ve ever seen.

And then Scotland, climbing the cold North Face of Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Britain. England, home of the trad (clean climbing on rock, protecting yourself only with fast protection, cams and nuts). How could I forget the warm limestone of the Verdon, the rocks of Tyrol, the Switzerland’s 4000m.

Climbing in countries other than Italy makes you appreciate mainly the different lifestyle of the populations that host you. It makes you appreciate the isolation of certain places. It makes you adapt to the various situations that may arise. It’s not easy to pack and leave for distant places, but these are experiences that change your life, and if you face them with a smile they can only change you for the better!

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